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Dance the nature, get inspired by its shapes...
— Illan Rivière
Nature, a source of inspiration inexhaustible and changing… Between the trees, on the water’s shore, climbing rocks or caressing winds...
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Dance your soul
— Alhazar
The connection between dance and emotions. All emotions can be used for dancing. Dancing can also help us to heal; dancing is therapeutic.
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Let’s map out the cartography of our body. We will learn to dance with more consciousness... knowing the limits of our bodies...
— Illan Rivière
Fully conscious, knowing the limits of our bodies, we will learn to define the state and space in which we will provide complementary elements, recognise and/or change the quality of our daily flow and learn about our physical/psychological blocks.
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★ DANCE RETREAT by Illan Rivière | 2018 ★
  • Only 2 retreats in 2018! JANUARY and JULY
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    4 days and 5 nights in a wonderful place surrounded by mountains. The workshops and activities take place in the very middle of nature and in a dome! The students will be integrated into the company “Ways”, managed by Illan Rivière.

    ❤ Do not miss the opportunity to experience this exciting event! ❤
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