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How do we define ourselves? What is it to be conscious? What is consciousness? What purpose does dance have nowadays? Today I would like to visualize a cartography of my mind and to dance it. We will work with these concepts: the brain, the mind, the unconscious and the supraconscious.
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Contents of the video:

Visualize a cartography of your mind and dance it.
Become familiar with these concepts: the brain, the mind, the unconscious mind and the super conscious mind.
The purpose of our dance is…
Feel all of the organs in your body.
Become aware of all of your thoughts.
Find the connection between your body and mind.
What is consciousness?
Observe without judgement.
Decision of movement.
Self-awareness and creativity.
Find what is my objective, goal or purpose in this life.
Meditate with a new sense of awakening.

It’s as if the unconscious mind came from the past, consciousness brought me into the present and the superconscious mind pushed me into the future.
Now I have a clear order of all these areas in my mind and their functions. It is so important to have it all in order. I am thankful to these three areas that support me in my life and in my dance. These are my permanent counsellors and are well used, an infinite source of self-awareness and creativity.
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This page is a DEMO. Subscribe to watch the complete video and all private content.

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