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Whenever we look back, we don’t look forward. Holding on prevents us from growing.
You can’t change what has happened in the past, but you can very well change the way you look at it and revise your opinion about what has happened.
You can interpret in many ways when things happen to you. Changing the way you look at the past, understanding it and finding the lesson in it will help you to soften it and to let it go easier.
Closing stages of your life implies a goodbye that hurts, that leaves an empty space to be filled again by something new.
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Contents of the video:

Change our look on our past.
Understand that cling on something or someone does not make us feel good.
Understand the importance of closing stages.
Recognize the emotional burdens blocking our body.
What we can do to get a calm, relax and fluid body posture.
Be aware of the tensions on our neck, shoulders and torso.
Work on the difficulty of the movements from the higher part of the back.
Work on our rigidity.
Exercises to work with the neck, head and hair in dance.
How to make the energy flowing between the body and head-thought.
Meditation on the life stages.

The emotional burden affects our physical body and keeps us from adopting a posture that is calm, relaxed and fluid. It closes our heart, weighs down our shoulders and tenses our neck. How many people have a tense torso and difficulties to move! Maybe it’s not technique they need, maybe they only need to unload their backs from so much emotional weight they have lived through.

Concentrating on the torso, the shoulders and the neck will help us to become aware of our level of emotional burden, which make us so rigid.

It is always important to know when a stage of life has reached its end. If we insist on dwelling on it longer than necessary, we lose the joy and the sense of the rest. Closing circles, shutting doors, closing chapters, call it what you want.

Shut the door, close, clean, throw away, oxygenate, detach, shake off the dust, let go.
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