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In this video we show an example of choreography inspired by how our family links condition and tie us. We used this resource to create a choreography and danced it in a theatre. The choreography is performed by the Company Alhazar in the Bartrina Theatre of Reus. The dancers are Ainhoa, Davinia, Naiara, Paula, Patty and Alhazar.
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Contents of the video:

Example of how to create and bring to the stage a choreography about the personal topics you have worked on.

This choreography is an example of how to bring to the stage everything we have worked on in the first and second month. You will see that the first part of the choreography is related to the water video of month one, and the second part is related to the family links video from the current month.
We inspired ourselves with family ties, and used resources to create a story that guided our choreography and helped us interpret it with great intensity. We used several dancers who represented our family, and with the inspiration of the main video we created something real, something deep...

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