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Upcoming retreats: 2019 
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“This is how I imagine it:

The roots are dance. The trunk is the Dancer's Ways school. The compass rose is the sun, the influences, directions and possibilities. The sap is the flow of creativity and sharing. The branches are the creations of each "Company Ways" formed by students of each intensive. And the leaves or flowers are each of you after that experience.”

Illan Rivière


Dancer's Ways and artistic directors are pleased to present the DW intensive.

A face to face, body to body encounter with Illan Rivière, Alhazar and other collaborators of Dancer's ways. An opportunity to know each other, share, look at each other in the eyes, integrate…

The intensive is definitely our favourite moment, our treasure island. It is the moment to see each other, touch our bodies, to have an experience together and integrate the concepts worked online. We are going to dance and sweat.
Moreover it is an opportunity of being part of a unique filmed performance that we will film and share with the world and which will be the conclusion of a path to start another path.

The 35 hours intensive will take place in Spain, in the middle of nature, and will last 4 days and 5 nights and include 28 hours of dance with Illan Rivière and Alhazar, 7H with our external collaborators during the evenings with a conference, a meditation - concert, a stars seeing night and a Hafla that will complete the integration of concepts worked on. In addition, the intensive includes the recording of the final creation (performance).

And, of course, all this brightened up by Le Petit Gerhard and his musicians who will be playing live during this whole Intensive (to accompany the workshops, during the nights, during the meditations, etc…). Their instruments, ranging from the theremin to Indian tablas, including drums, percussion, flutes, saxophone… sound spheres, that are as much acoustic and ethnic as electronic, will enrich each second with beauty matching the moment.

Our photographer Neï ‘ Mad and our video maker Albert Rué will also be present to support the company Ways with their smiles and their professionalism.

The location that offered itself to us is a wonderful place in the middle of a pine forest surrounded by mountains. The workshops and activities take place in the very middle of nature and in a dome that treats us to a light well and an acoustic for our musicians that take your breath away! This treasure island is equipped with bedrooms, a multitude of bathrooms, a beautiful and large reception area, chimney fires, (and electricity!) as well as a cook!


Places are limited and will be granted by registration date and until spots capacity is complete. Register as soon as possible as you’ll have discounts and you will secure yourself a spot. Take advantage of the opportunity!

The cost of the intensive is not included in the online subscription.
The price includes your accommodation for 4 days and 5 nights, meals with breakfast, coffee break, lunch, snack and dinner (with options for vegans and vegetarians), materials, staff and organizational costs.

If you are a group from the same country, you can bring the DW intensive to your country. Contact us.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience this exciting event!

Upcoming retreats: 2019 | More information: Mail - Intensive

Upcoming retreats | 2019

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