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Perhaps we needed a source of inspiration already present for ages, inexhaustible and changing.
Nature…Its states, its elements running through it.
In dance, we move quickly towards a spectacular technic defined by our etiquette, our rules or remarkable concepts permitting us to project, to learn, to soften, conquer possibilities, but also compare. Technique becomes a role model.
Between the trees, on the water’s shore, climbing rocks or caressing winds…the comparison doesn‘t exist anymore. Neither does the projection…
Elements become masters, humbly quiet, who encourage an introspection and an experience of existence…
You and your sensations only remain…That’s when the creative source, the personal development and the learning of our own body becomes instinctive, even more close or intimate, in the simple listening of the movement being born from your being, growing beyond the outlines of your body and evolving in the space around…

I wanted to transmit a part of my own experience in the middle of nature, inspired by its shapes…