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  Connect with your body and get closer to your emotions

Dancer’s Ways is an online dance school different from all the others. Our goal is to explore and learn, each in our own way, the possibilities of our bodies and our emotions.

With Dancer's Ways you will learn to dance in a genuine way feeling your body to the fullest. Learn to manage your emotions while working with techniques for personal development, so that your dance will be more authentic, profound and of quality. You'll discover a new vision of dance and the importance we give to the emotions while we are dancing. We will teach you to dance inside out and with a deep sense that will enrich your dance.

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Dance the nature, get inspired by its shapes...
— Illan Rivière
Nature, a source of inspiration inexhaustible and changing... Between the trees, on the water’s shore, climbing rocks or caressing winds...

Dance your soul.

No one can express your soul better than you. And what is dance, if not uniting your body with your soul?

— Alhazar

The connection between dance and emotions. All emotions can be used for dancing. Dancing can also help us to heal; dancing is therapeutic.
Let’s map out the cartography of our body. We will learn to dance with more consciousness... knowing the limits of our bodies...
— Illan Rivière
Fully conscious, knowing the limits of our bodies, we will learn to define the state and space in which we will provide complementary elements, recognise and/or change the quality of our daily flow and learn about our physical/psychological blocks.
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    4 days and 5 nights in a wonderful place surrounded by mountains. The workshops and activities take place in the very middle of nature and in a dome!

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