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The Team

AlhazarEmotional Vision artistic director

Alhazar is a woman inspired by love. Her dance is characterized by the expression of emotions, letting her body reflecting her soul. Illusion, passion and love give her her strength and power on stage. Read more (BIO)

web: alhazar.es

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Le Petit GerhardMusic production

Le petit gerhard has a passion for sound. He is always there, present, listening, alert, paying close attention to small details to discover what is different in each moment, each place … to turn it into music. Read more (BIO)

web: lepetitgerhard.com

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Albert RuéFilmmaker

I see my work as natural, organic, close and quiet, such as I am. I am inspired by nature, by rainy days, a wet forest, winter, ambient and experimental music and I consider that all punctual light is good to be photographed. To all I create, I match the word meraki (μεράκι), a modern Greek word that means doing things with love, passion, interest and creativity, putting my soul in everything, letting a part of me in everything, getting very involved in each project.

web: personal.albertrue.com

Pabloweb designer

Pablo’s work consists in passing along to others what the artists have to offer. He tries to connect the artists with their audience in a transparent way, without distractions. In spite of the distance, they feel connected.

Alhazar’s solo - Japan 2015
  • Alhazar and a sample of a more emotional part of dance, interpreting the despair of losing everything. Dancing with an emotional vision. Contemporary Tribal Fusion belly dance.
Alhazar and Alhazar Company
  • Alhazar in collaboration with the Alhazar Company, in a solo full of emotions, saying goodbye to her grandfather who used to play the piano with her. Contemporary Tribal Fusion belly dance.
About Us


Alhazar is a woman inspired by love. Her dance is characterized by the expression of emotions, letting her body reflect her soul. Dreams, passion and love give her strength and power on stage.

Alhazar has been giving Bellydance as well as emotional and contemporary tribal fusion classes in the city of Reus (Tarragona) since 2003 where she brought attention and love to this style of dance as well as helping her students with their femininity, self-esteem and expression of emotions. She now has more than 150 students and she is thankful for their enthusiasm and love over the years.

Alhazar owns a school of dance in Reus (Bellydance, Tribal Fusion, Contemporary, Ballet and Flamenco) where she can, in addition to teaching dance, transmit emotional learning and women therapy, on the physical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.

Alhazar has a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education (Subject Music) from the university of Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona). She is also graduated from the Music Conservatory where she specialized in piano, Violin and body relaxation techniques. Furthermore she is a master in energetic therapies, which complement her teaching on all the levels.

The teachers who she studied with and who have marked her path in Tribal Fusion are: Morgana (Madrid), Rachel Brice (the indigo-US), Mardi Love (US), Sharon Kihara (US), Kami Liddle (US), Patricia Zarnovican (Germany), Elisabeth Strong (US), Mira Betz (US), Illan Rivière (France), Fat Chance Bellydance (US), Deb Rubin (US), Zoe Jakes (US), Jill Parker (US).

She is currently a member of the company Imajaghan directed by Illan Rivière (France) with whom she performs in different cities worldwide.

It is when meeting Illan that Alhazar's vision of dance became more contemporary. With the inspiration given by her teachers and students, her self taught work and leader’s heart, Alhazar created a way of dancing which turned into a way of living and has now become a pillar of her teachings.

Le Petit Gerhard

“Le petit gerhard” is the name used by the flute player, multiinstrumentalist, composer and producer, Gerard Marsal, born in Catalonia (Spain), in order to create musical universes inspired in dance.

He started to create music for tribal fusion when inspired by the Spanish dancer Alhazar and later inspired by Illan Rivière’s dance and his company Imajaghan to whom he dedicated one of his first works. Throughout his career he has always been linked to creative projects connected to dance (contemporary, flamenco, tribal fusion, and more).

“Le petit gerhard” is trained in bioacoustics therapeutics. Electronatura was the first project with Illan Rivière where they mixed dance and music using sounds from nature. With Dancer’s Ways he has the opportunity of creating music mixing therapeutic sounds for the Emotional Visions.

Their dances, rich in worldwide influences, allow “Le petit gerhard” to imagine soundscapes where all world cultures and times are mixed. “Le petit gerhard” uses acoustic instruments mixed with electronics to make his creations. At the same time, he uses ambient sounds from the street, nature, celebrations, day-to-day sounds, recorded by himself on his trips around the world, and once back in the studio, he edits these to capture the essence he’s looking for, from the magical moments he recorded, to achieve sounds that let your imagination travel.