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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • The first Dancer’s Ways Intensive
    • By Dancer's Ways
    • Intensive

    Our first Intensive was wonderful, we were able to count on a group that was motivated, inspired and curious!

    Under the watchful eyes of the trees, our teachers, we were able to work on our posture, our anchoring, our presence, we were able to meditate, bury our secrets...

    Thanks to the gentle caress of a swimming pond’s water we transposed the different states of the latter to our bodies. We shared our emotions with it, and we danced with it!

    The wind, always present to carry our karmas and clean our spirits, let us take advantage of its force to let ourselves go to a light movement…

    The imposing rocks, that surrounded this place filled with nature and mystery, that were our secret cave during these few days, laughed at us sometimes when we tried to imitate their forms and outlines, but were rather impressed when our bodies turned into rocks to resemble them.

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