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Monthly Archives: February 2018

    • By Alhazar
    • Emotional Vision

    An emotion is a reaction of the body and mind to a signal emitted by the senses and managed by the spirit; joy, anger, fear, peace ... it goes straight to the soul. An emotion is very intense but very short. Feelings are the result of emotions, which are not as intense, but last longer. Pain (emotions) is inevitable; suffering (feeling) is optional.

    The mindset or state of mind is a way to remain, to be; it is the result of a feeling alive for a long time, the result of an emotion, and can be very long. (For example, pain is an emotion, sadness a feeling and depression a state of mind).

    Emotion is like lightning, spontaneous, powerful and unpredictable. Feeling is the thunder following lightning, predictable, lasting longer in the middle of the rain. The humid earth is the mindset, the result of the storm.

    In the EMOTIONAL VISION we will try to awaken our consciousness in order to have close contact with our present moment.

    What I propose in dance is to use emotions and feelings as a source of creativity.

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  • Anything can happen
    • By Magda Barceló
    • Feelings and Thoughts


    After forty-five minute drive to the mountains, I follow Gerard Marsal’s car to the venue.
    The road to the place was not found by the GPS. I feel a mix of excitement and familiarity. Excitement to get to know this unique tribe of teachers, dancers, musicians and free souls that have coalesced at Dancers Ways. Familiarity as my grandmother was born in Alcover, right at the bottom of the mountain where we are.

    As I step down of the car a big dog greets me as if we were old friends. I feel welcomed. The air is moist and the forest that surrounds us has a grounding effect on me. As I’m guided around by Gerard, I notice an air of gravity around the work that’s happening. Patricia García (Alhazar), teacher and one of the Dancer’s Ways founders, further elaborates on it, as we sit down to drink a cup of hot tea. The retreat just started today, and she guided the group on a meditation to see their whole life path up to this moment. She said “it’s an amazing group. They opened up, right on. They are doing the work, just as it’s meant to be: to find yourself through dance.

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