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A new retreat

A new retreat

It was in early summer that the second edition of our dance retreat “shapes of my emotions (2)” took place.

We have decided to repeat this retreat that we did the previous year and to change the term intensive to retreat, which is more relevant to the content of this experience. This retreat was a beginning, of a new awareness, an awakening of the dancer in total alignment with the first concepts addressed in our online school.


However, the experience was completely different and rich in authenticity. Each student came with an open heart and body, prepared to discover new sensations, new horizons, and very determined to playing with the elements: the caress of wind to feel, the calmness of trees to find oneself, the coldness of water to cleanse and the tranquil instability of rocks to go beyond oneself.

DW_dance_retreat3_2A return to the sources, a conversation with the soul with instinctive, primitive, organic movement, inspired by the changing but constant rhythm of the shapes of nature.

DW_dance_retreat3_3Our next retreats will be in September 2017: “emotional transmission” and in January 2018: “The heart’s cartography (2)”.





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