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An Amaaaaaaazing Team

An Amaaaaaaazing Team

With Dancer’s Ways, I learned a new way of working in a team, with love and enthusiasm, with the goal of turning a big idea into reality, impossible to achieve alone… And what a team! On one side we have Alhazar and Illan Rivière, for me two amazing dancers by their pedagogies, their open hearts, their ideas and above all, their dancing! On another side we have Le petit gerhard and his music, where each sound reveals a life experience, a story, a smell, a culture, a sensation; Albert, who became my photography teacher along the way, with an unbreakable knowledge, always eager to teach me something to improve a picture; Last but not least, Pablo, our web designer, accountant, legal expert, and much more; who works night and day to give birth to this project and make the internal vision just as beautiful in reality.


It is truly inspiring to be surrounded by skilled, reactive and smart people. We overcame all the obstacles and difficulties with joy, motivated by the love that we carry for Dancer’s Ways and for each other.

Neï ‘ Mad

  • Posted on May 11, 2016
  • By Neï ' Mad
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