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Silence doesn’t exist. You can chose to ignore it, not listen to it, but it is here, constantly, vibrating, swaying. It appears from nothing and joins what’s already in presence, colours the present moment and disappears again, leaving space to more sounds. This has no end, and is everywhere.

Listening to sounds relaxes me. Discovering the perfect harmony of each place, each street I walk on, each wood I walk through. Everything resonates in a certain way, with its own intensity, in due time.

Sound owes his existence to movement; to objects banging together, moving, to the air brushing everything around it and generating sound making vibrations. Sounds fluttering in a same space are transported in all directions, bouncing and splitting, breaking up and finally disappearing as other appear. This has no end.

That is why sound owes to movement.

Dance is the most beautiful form I know to express what music is not allowed to express. Music has no physical body. The sound is born from movement and dies transformed by dance. That is why the connection between music and dance is so big. Dance reminds music where it comes from and its reason to exist, even briefly.

A dancer reacts to shock waves in his physical and emotional body. Sounds penetrate his soul and his body transforms this vibration in incredibly pure, not influenced, divine movement.

It is at this moment that the sound can disappear and melt with the movement because it existed, and humbly leaves space to something bigger, more beautiful, from another world: dance.

Le petit Gerhard.  

  • By le petit gerhard
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