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Feelings and Thoughts

  • Anything can happen
    • By Magda Barceló
    • Feelings and Thoughts


    After forty-five minute drive to the mountains, I follow Gerard Marsal’s car to the venue.
    The road to the place was not found by the GPS. I feel a mix of excitement and familiarity. Excitement to get to know this unique tribe of teachers, dancers, musicians and free souls that have coalesced at Dancers Ways. Familiarity as my grandmother was born in Alcover, right at the bottom of the mountain where we are.

    As I step down of the car a big dog greets me as if we were old friends. I feel welcomed. The air is moist and the forest that surrounds us has a grounding effect on me. As I’m guided around by Gerard, I notice an air of gravity around the work that’s happening. Patricia García (Alhazar), teacher and one of the Dancer’s Ways founders, further elaborates on it, as we sit down to drink a cup of hot tea. The retreat just started today, and she guided the group on a meditation to see their whole life path up to this moment. She said “it’s an amazing group. They opened up, right on. They are doing the work, just as it’s meant to be: to find yourself through dance.

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  • Origin and objectives of the International Dance Day
    • By Dancer's Ways
    • Feelings and Thoughts

    The International Dance Committee (CDI, in relation with UNESCO) established the International Dance Day in 1982 and its date of April 29th was chosen to commemorate the birthday of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), the creator of modern ballet.

    The goals of International Dance Day are to unite the world of dance, to pay tribute to dance, to celebrate its universality, crossing all political, cultural and ethnic barriers, to bring humanity together in friendship and peace around dance, the universal language.

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    • By Alhazar
    • Feelings and Thoughts

    We’ve been talking about creating a project like this for three years now. I remember very clearly, in a small coffee shop in Dusseldorf, we all thought that this idea would stay an idea.

    Little by little our enthusiasm grew while the essence of the project was going through changes, taking many different faces to finally look like something completely different from what we imagined in the beginning; something bigger, deeper, something that we felt would transform our lives in the creation process... With Dancer’s Ways, you cannot stop growing, dreaming, thinking, feeling, dancing … whether you are a student or a teacher.

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