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  • Anything can happen
    • By Magda Barceló
    • Feelings and Thoughts


    After forty-five minute drive to the mountains, I follow Gerard Marsal’s car to the venue.
    The road to the place was not found by the GPS. I feel a mix of excitement and familiarity. Excitement to get to know this unique tribe of teachers, dancers, musicians and free souls that have coalesced at Dancers Ways. Familiarity as my grandmother was born in Alcover, right at the bottom of the mountain where we are.

    As I step down of the car a big dog greets me as if we were old friends. I feel welcomed. The air is moist and the forest that surrounds us has a grounding effect on me. As I’m guided around by Gerard, I notice an air of gravity around the work that’s happening. Patricia García (Alhazar), teacher and one of the Dancer’s Ways founders, further elaborates on it, as we sit down to drink a cup of hot tea. The retreat just started today, and she guided the group on a meditation to see their whole life path up to this moment. She said “it’s an amazing group. They opened up, right on. They are doing the work, just as it’s meant to be: to find yourself through dance.

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  • A new retreat
    • By Dancer's Ways
    • Intensive

    It was in early summer that the second edition of our dance retreat “shapes of my emotions (2)” took place.

    We have decided to repeat this retreat that we did the previous year and to change the term intensive to retreat, which is more relevant to the content of this experience. This retreat was a beginning, of a new awareness, an awakening of the dancer in total alignment with the first concepts addressed in our online school.

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  • DANCE RETREAT 2 - The heart's cartography
    • By Dancer's Ways
    • Intensive

    The Dancer’s Ways’ dance retreat «The heart’s cartography» was yet again: EPIC!

    It was cold outside and warm inside.

    We worked hard; we looked deeply inside ourselves, where things are hidden.

    Everything was beating, beating faster, beating harder. Looking for our strength, connecting with our soul and the one of our ancestors. Continue reading

  • The first Dancer’s Ways Intensive
    • By Dancer's Ways
    • Intensive

    Our first Intensive was wonderful, we were able to count on a group that was motivated, inspired and curious!

    Under the watchful eyes of the trees, our teachers, we were able to work on our posture, our anchoring, our presence, we were able to meditate, bury our secrets...

    Thanks to the gentle caress of a swimming pond’s water we transposed the different states of the latter to our bodies. We shared our emotions with it, and we danced with it!

    The wind, always present to carry our karmas and clean our spirits, let us take advantage of its force to let ourselves go to a light movement…

    The imposing rocks, that surrounded this place filled with nature and mystery, that were our secret cave during these few days, laughed at us sometimes when we tried to imitate their forms and outlines, but were rather impressed when our bodies turned into rocks to resemble them.

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