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We’ve been talking about creating a project like this for three years now. I remember very clearly, in a small coffee shop in Dusseldorf, we all thought that this idea would stay an idea.

Little by little our enthusiasm grew while the essence of the project was going through changes, taking many different faces to finally look like something completely different from what we imagined in the beginning; something bigger, deeper, something that we felt would transform our lives in the creation process... With Dancer’s Ways, you cannot stop growing, dreaming, thinking, feeling, dancing … whether you are a student or a teacher.

In the creative team, our links became stronger, our motivation grew and now we are so excited to introduce our project and our vision to you.

We evolved a lot thanks to Dancer’s Ways, we went deeper in the research and experiments of dance, we searched answers where no one tells you to go and finally came back to the essence of our inner soul. Now we want to share the results of our researches with you, the paths we took and bring you to the same transformation.

I can't believe it is starting now, It feels like we were in this coffee shop yesterday … And here we are … Dancer’s Ways opens its gates … will you come in?


  • By Alhazar
  • Feelings and Thoughts