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New vision, transmission

New vision, transmission

When I met Illan, something changed in my dance. I discovered another vision, I discovered that dance was everywhere, in all that surrounds us, in the trees, the stars, the wind, the water, the animals… In nature, in the buildings, in the factories, the streets, the people, on the train, on the plane, at home, in you, in me …everything took another meaning, a new vision, a new learning. All that seemed significant no longer is and what I didn’t even see before is now crucial. We learn by observing, listening, but if no one shows you what it is to be seen or what paths are to be walked on, our own path, we remain blind.

With the transmissions of Dancer’s Ways, you will discover a new world, a new dance, a different awareness of your body, a deep learning… We will start from the bottom, from the roots, where everything grows… Do you want to come with us? Do you want to grow with us? Shall we join our paths?


  • Posted on April 27, 2016
  • By Alhazar
  • Transmissions