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There are different types of anger: the real and alerting and therefore appropriate, and the transferred anger, which is blind and therefore disproportionate.

Contents of the video:

Learn to differentiate between different types of anger.
Know in ourselves the causes that provoke our anger.
Know how to differentiate if the anger we feel is adequate or excessive.
Once this emotion is identified, we can dance with more awareness.
We will see examples of how it can affect us, from day to day in the life of a dancer, such as having excessive anger that we do not listen too enough.

In this video we explain the different types of anger and the causes that provoke it in order to identify in ourselves the origin of this emotion.
We can dance in anger, and in this way let it out without harming anyone. But if we also know what kind of anger we feel and end up understanding and loving it, the sense of inner well-being will come much sooner.
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