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There are women who lose the connection with themselves, and not only with themselves, but with all of their family lineage and their physical bodies.
The uterus is the power center of creativity, to create a work or life project, to create a painting, a poem or choreography…all is creation.
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Contents of the video:

Reconnect with our creative center.
Unblock our pelvic area.
Connect our thoracic center with our pelvic center.
Unblock our creative energy to be able to create our projects and choreographies.
Reconnect with femininity.
Understand the importance of the balance between the masculine and feminine.
Meditate on our uterine wounds and emotional memories.
Reconnect with our female ancestral lineage.
Self-knowledge and creativity.
Know about the anatomy and holistic physiology of the female reproductive tract.

When we create, we feel fulfilled. When we create, our center is balanced and our life flows. The reconnection with our body, especially with our pelvic center, can help us direct our life to where our soul wishes.
Women must regain their feminine power and find reconciliation with the masculine.
The masculine and feminine sides are so important in every human being, but they must be in a fluid balance with each other in order to reach the maximum creativity of life.
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