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We are so used to carrying the emotional burdens of our lives that we sometimes don’t realize how much they are weighing on us, nor that they keep us from moving freely. To realize this I will propose an exercise.

Contents of the video:

I will propose an exercise: "the emotional body blocks us if fully burdened."
Motivation to unblock ourselves.
I propose an exercise to unblock the emotional burden settles in the upper part of the torso.

We will put ourselves in a really unpleasant situation, literally blocking our physical body.
In our lives, the emotional body blocks us when it is fully burdened, and we will see how something as easy as walking can become really difficult and uncomfortable.
Let’s focus our whole intention and all our emotion on the movement, remembering and thinking of those moments in our life that made us carrying this burden. Imagine those moments melting away, leaving a great empty space on our backs, noticing it getting lighter and lighter, more and more free, more and more our own.
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