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There are many eyes watching us and influencing our actions, projecting fears and insecurities. External influences that cause us fear. Most times we let ourselves be influenced by all outside opinions and we stop valuing ourselves, losing personal power and giving it to others. They can influence us so much that we can come to believe that what we do is wrong or is not good enough.

Contents of the video:

Work on how opinions and judgements of others influence our life and our dancing.
Regain personal power.
Allow our soul to express itself when we dance.
Stop spending energy on wanting to be liked by others.
Be secure and confident in ourselves, about what we do when we dance.
Be authentic in our dance.
Have freedom in our movements.
Keys to believe in yourself.
Learn to meditate to increase the personal power.

How are we going to dance well if we are not in our body? How are we going to feel good about what we do if we spend our energy in trying to please everyone? And so there is no more strength left to allow us to move from the soul ... and our soul despairs waiting to be able to be shown through our movement, and it is covered with negative thoughts, making it increasingly smaller, less and less valid and increasingly insecure.

We interact with all these point of views; we listen to them and try to make changes in order to be accepted by others. And without realizing it, we start not to be who we are, we begin to doubt ourselves and everything we do.

When we are dancing, we show part of our being, and if we interpret something we are not, something that we feel, and we focus only towards to outside, nothing goes well for us. We look towards the outside and our concentration; thoughts are aimed to please others. We project our energy through the eyes of others by fear of being judged, and we leave our bodies and souls completely, focusing only on the insecurity that the opinions of others cause us.
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