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In the emotional vision, we will meet the complexity of emotions that we experience through life or that are the results of the creativity of our emotional intelligence.
A dancer not only has to be connected with the stage but also with all the daily life moments because they are a big source of inspiration.
Let’s begin with the element symbolizing the emotional; water.

Contents of the video:

Introduction to the importance of the emotions in dance.
The connection between dance and emotions.
Ideas about how to practice a dance’s expression. In this case, perceive cold water in the body, and then carry the feeling over to your dance without the water.
Become aware that all emotions can be used for dancing.
Become aware that dancing can also help us to heal. Dancing is therapeutic.
What the emotions and moods are. And see that they can be great tools for our dance.
Become aware that the human body is a combination of bodies (physical, emotional, mental …).
Become aware that the lower belly is one of the most important areas of our body, especially for a dancer, since it is here that creativity, enthusiasm, exploration, self-expression and sensuality are born.
Meditate becoming aware of the lower belly.

Sometimes you feel lonely, sad, other times happy, sometimes you feel sadness, you feel it in your guts and it is hard to breathe…sometimes love can fix everything. Feel the peace; silence is filling your soul.
I don't know what to feel, or how to feel it…
I am walking on a new path towards within. I need to integrate my feelings, emotions, sensations, a deeper vision.
When I pay attention to what I am feeling all the layers that separate myself from my soul disappear…past emotions are emerging; I take time to observe them, and now that I have seen them, I don't want to forget them. I anchor them in my mind and they become my new creative refuge of endless and healing resources. I dare to enter deeply, serene and conscious.
A river of thoughts and emotions is ready to flow.
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