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Through dance, we come back to ourselves by finding ourselves with our inner self and the information that we carry in our uterus as well as the meaning that we it gives to our personal life.

Women have the capacity to manifest and create life, and above all to create their life.

What does it mean to come back to life? What is sensuality?

Contents of the video:

We will learn exercises and movements of belly dance using the pelvic floor.
Strengthen the pelvic floor.
Unlock the pelvic area.
Dance and exercises for pregnant women.
Reconnect with femininity.
Reconnect with fertility.
Understand that every woman is creative and creates life, whether through a child or a project.
Unlock creative energy to create our projects or choreographies.
Reconnect women to their heart.
Reconnect with our creative center.
Understand why we abort projects, relationships, dreams, and goals.
Meditate to create our projects.
Self-knowledge and creativity.

The exercises and movements that come from belly dance will help us enormously to return to BEING A WOMAN, to reconnect with our femininity, with our female side and inner being, with our fertility, with our creativity, either to get pregnant with a child or for a project, either during pregnancy or postpartum ... We will work with some movements, also using the magic muscles technique.
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