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Emotional Vision

What I propose in dance is to use emotions and feelings as a source of creativity.

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Dance your soul

— Alhazar

Dance your soul.

No one can express your soul better than you. And what is dance, if not uniting your body with your soul?

— Alhazar

In the emotional vision, we will meet the complexity of emotions that we experience through life or that are the results of the creativity of our emotional intelligence.
A dancer not only has to be connected with the stage but also with all the daily life moments because they are a big source of inspiration.

An emotion is an instinctive reaction when stimulating the senses and is of short duration. Once recognized mentally, a longer feeling is released, a feeling of joy, of sadness, of anger, of fear, of quietness… altering our state of mind. A state of mind is the aroma left by an emotion.

With the EMOTIONAL VISION, we will use those reactions, forms of being and of presence, to find our own dance.

“We all pass through a moment in our life where something changes you forever”.