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  • In general, the language used in this Facebook private group is English.
  • To talk or ask about a particular video or shared document, use the HASHTAG of that video. It is important to properly spell it, beginning with the pound sign (#) and followed by the code. You will find the corresponding hashtag for each video next to the description, below the player. For example: #DancersWaysT1V1.
  • When teachers offer an exercise or a question in a publication, it is asked to respond in the same thread to keep the group ordered.
  • When students post a question on a topic (provided with the corresponding hashtag), others will respond in the same thread.


  • If you want to find everything that has been said about a video, you just have to type the hashtag code in the search group of that video.
  • This is a safe place to discuss issues related to Dancer’s Ways, to seek opinions from other group members and to create community amongst all.
  • If you give an opinion or criticism, make sure it is constructive. Remember that there are people of all dance levels.
  • Do not monopolize the group, try not to write daily or multiple times a day, we all want to be a part of the community and participate in it.


  • To have a constructive attitude and respect for the other’s opinions.
  • To maintain the privacy of the community and not publish videos, texts or comments of other members on social networks without the consent of the person.
  • To respect privacy.
  • To help create a climate of respect and trust in the community.
  • That any violent or disrespectful comment towards others, invasion of privacy detected from Dancer's Ways will result in the immediate expulsion from the private facebook group.
  • That I will not call out or mark as spam others publications. The Dancer's Ways team takes care of managing and moderating the group so that everything remains in order.
  • To not publish content that may be considered advertising, (my website, my Instagram profile or the next workshop I am organizing) unless if otherwise requested by the Dancer's Ways team.
  • That the directors of this group have the right to remove someone not filling those standards.