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2. Why should I join Dancer’s Ways?
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What is Dancer's Ways?

Dancer’s Ways is an online dance school different from all the others. Our goal is to explore and learn, each in our own way, the possibilities of our bodies and our emotions.

With Dancer's Ways you will learn to dance in a genuine way feeling your body to the fullest. Learn to manage your emotions while working with techniques for personal development, so that your dance will be more authentic, profound and of quality. You'll discover a new vision of dance and the importance we give to the emotions while we are dancing. We will teach you to dance inside out and with a deep sense that will enrich your dance.

Connect with your body and get closer to your emotions. | May you find your own paths…

 Available in English, French and Spanish.


Why should I join Dancer’s Ways?

Being able to experiment with dance is for everyone, it doesn’t matter the age nor the body you have. Anybody can and must do it. Dance is not just about moving. It’s about feeling, creating, expressing and communicating with the body.

If you wish to connect to your body and get closer to your emotions… Dancer’s Ways is for you.

Whether you’re starting to dance, or you’ve never danced before or have been dancing for years, JOIN Dancer’s Ways to recognize and overcome your limits, grow your dance, creativity and expressiveness and maintain the inspiration!

You will connect body, mind and soul: we’ll work on personal growth and emotional intelligence.
It will increase the quality of your dance: you will know yourself better, your body and its limitations and you will learn to express your emotions through dance.
It will increase your self-esteem: you'll be better with yourself and you’ll gain confidence in you. You will feel special and talented! You’ll recognize and value what is unique and unrepeatable in your dance.
You will improve your dance by knowing your emotions and overcoming your blockages. You will recognize your authenticity and you will enjoy your dance at maximum. You’ll have more vitality and energy to achieve your goals!
You’ll gain stage presence. You’ll eliminate blockages and fears of your dance. Your dance will be deeper. You will improve the improvisation and you will let yourself go without blockages. You will connect better with your audience.
You will find inspiration by paying attention to the physical world that surrounds you and the inner world that interprets what we call reality. You will dance your reality and your truth.
You will find tools to create choreographies. You will improve your technique, your creativity, originality and your presence in your choreographies. You will move other people with your choreographies and dances. You will learn to choreograph your emotions, your thoughts, your changing environment... and you will transform your life with the dance from the heart.
You will learn from the history and the paths that great dancers previously crossed. You will dance with wisdom!
You will be part of a living community that loves dance. Teachers and dancers from all over the world and with all the members of the school. We will all connect and accompany each other on this new path. Make yourself known!
If you are a woman, you will reconnect with your femininity. You will liberate your sensuality and your beauty. You will overflow attraction. You will make your dance something magnetic. You will learn to connect with your feminine and masculine side.


Your membership includes:
Orientation guides for new members. By joining you will get the PDF documents where we will guide you in your first steps through the school.
Access to all the complete videos of the school. Artistic and high quality videos subtitled in English, Spanish and French. A unique and unrepeatable visual experience!
Access to all exercises, theory, guided meditations, extra videos and other private content that we share with students.
You can download in MP3 all of Dancer’s Ways music produced exclusively for the school. There are already more than 20 albums!
Access to our private Facebook group where you will be in contact with teachers and students. You will be part of the Dancer's Ways community. You can upload your own videos, watch videos from other students, comment, answer questions, etc. - everything is optional-. We are not only a “web of videos”, but we are also here to help you and guide you.
You will receive an exclusive welcome gift in your home.* Let it surprise you!

*Keep your subscription during 4 consecutive months and request your welcome gift by writing us an email -1 gift per person-.

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Dancer’s Ways is open to all dance styles:

Contemporary dance
Modern dance
Classical dance
Tribal Fusion Bellydance
ATS (American tribal style)
Dance therapy
African dance
Modern jazz
Indian dance
Tahitian dance
Worldwide dances

Everyone has their place in Dancer’s Ways: You will improve in your dance style, whatever it is!

Our emotional work includes:

Personal development
Emotional intelligence
Work on self esteem
Work on feminine side
Work on masculinity
Live your goals

If you wish to connect to your body and get closer to your emotions… Dancer’s Ways is for you.


 Available in English, French and Spanish. 

#authenticity #creativity #inspiration #emotions #presence #beauty

Some videos are more practical, others more technical and others more theoretical. The videos offer ideas, concepts, motivation, practical exercises, theoretical explanations, stage presence, attitude, expressivity, new visions, emotionalism… but they are also sources of inspiration making us thinking, dancing consciously and being more creative.

 Some examples:

Stage presence is the clear result of an awake and unlocked body that is whole in its thinking, feeling and doing. A willing body crossed by emotion and projected.
— Martha Graham
I sometimes felt on stage a sense of disconnection, fighting between my thinking and actions that take away from my dance expressiveness and fluidity, like two opposing forces blocking me.

Dance your soul.

No one can express your soul better than you. And what is dance, if not uniting your body with your soul?

— Alhazar

The connection between dance and emotions. All emotions can be used for dancing. Dancing can also help us to heal; dancing is therapeutic.
There are women who lose the connection with themselves, and not only with themselves, but with all of their family lineage and their physical bodies.
The reconnection with our body, especially with our pelvic center, can help us direct our life to where our soul wishes.
Las lecciones trabajan - Espacio, peso, fluidez, tiempo, energía, líneas, curvas, formas, emociones, presencia, imaginación, movimientos, gestos, danza, creación, contacto

The compass rose is the symbol of Dancer’s Ways.

It symbolizes the different directions that you can take in the research of knowledge and inspiration.

The compass rose symbolizes adventure; the adventure to grow, to learn, to go out of your comfort zone, to find the information and different ways to transform your dance by being aware

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You will be able to interact with dancers from all over the world through a private Facebook group where the experience will grow thanks to what everybody brings. In the group, you will also be able to interact with our teachers about your doubts, questions...

It is going to be two way discussion: you will be able to ask and answer, to get inspired and inspire, propose, share, get influenced and influence … finally, grow.

We would love you to be active and present in the community bringing videos and short works related with the topic, with questions and answers. We will try to have you incorporate the topics we’re working on to your daily life without asking too much time, but yes, a present attitude and bringing your vision would be great.

Share who you are, we want to know you!

If you do not have much time, in Dancer’s Ways you will always be able to participate, as you want, nothing is obliged.

Each student follows their rhythm; You can simply watch the videos on the web and read, or you can participate in the community the way you want: talking about the topic, asking questions, posting your own videos that teachers and other students can comment, etc. (everything is optional).

Furthermore, if for example you can't be connected for one month, you will always be able to find and review the web content, what has been shared, discussed and update yourself when you want.

Yes of course! We have adapted our website so you can enjoy from any device: phone, tablet or computer.

Each membership is for one person and is for individual use. All the personal and shared information will remain protected and totally private within the Dancer's Ways community.

By subscribing you will agree to a code of conduct to maintain respectful relationships regarding opinions and the right to privacy.

We will share topics and information constantly. Training is never over, therefore has no finality; it will evolve... just like nature.

Don’t be afraid, we are here to help. Contact us!