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I want to wish the greatest of success to Illan and Alhazar on this new project. I've been following their work for a lot of time now, both of them are big professionals, they put a lot of passion in what they do and i think they complement each other. I had the honor to be their student several times and If i could, i would keep learning from them my whole life. They are incredible both on and off the stage. It's hard to write in a paragraph what I think of them because their performances make me speechless a most of the times! I without a doubt recommend their classes and I'm very excited to see how Dancer's Ways develops!

Bel Caretti, DANCER from Argentina.

In addition to being an exceptional dancer Ilan is a great teacher.
Doing a workshop with him is going to a meeting with yourself.
Illan, with his gracious presence, takes you out of your comfort zone, where the magic is possible. Where you discover new abilities in you.
Thanks to Illan I understood and felt that I had the right to be myself. The right to dance as I feel inside of me. To be who I am.
For me, a workshop with him is to experience this quote by Oscar Wilde "Be yourself everyone else is already taken".

And in addition to guiding you on the way to your Self, he gives a real dimension to the group in his classes. It is something extraordinary to be yourself in the middle of people doing the same thing. I lived this experience during an intensive with 25 other dancers and it was just magical...
If you have the opportunity to learn with him, go ahead ... Whatever your level, your dance, your past experiences ... You will always find something very precious ...

Hazel – French Tribal Fusion dancer

Today in class with Alhazar, we looked for an emotion and we danced with it. I danced with the fear in my guts. Fear of passing a threshold, fear of taking risks, fear of being out of my comfort zone, fear of winning the day, fear of being happy… because at the end we are only afraid of what we don’t know, an unpleasant situation can turn into a comfort zone because of habits and what is outside the zone scares you.
Dancing with fears was a revealing situation. Fear is exhausting, we do not realize because we are used to hiding it, to pretend not to feel it. We don’t allow our bodies to live it with itensity, we believe it is not here … but the fear is here. And when you let it go, when you allow yourself to feel it, when it grows in your whole body, you feel your legs ready to run away for ever, you feel exhausted, tired, disarranged, sweaty, with the heart ready to explode out of your chest, you feel dead and finally it ends.
Recognizing fear, intensifying it, dancing it and letting it go. When the fear tires itself, we can only watch it go, just like sand in your palm, you can’t keep it in even if you close your hand. Drop it, give it up, let it go. Get rid of what you don’t need.

Thanks Alhazar, it was brutal, I love your classes.

Marina Castells, student.

Everyone who sees videos of Illan is absolutely gobsmacked whether they are belly dancers, contemporary, bollywood..doesn't matter.

Maria Booker.

Ilan was my Tribal Fusion teacher for 2 years and I’ve had the opportunity to attend many workshops with him. From a being who can appear inaccessible, you'll actually find yourself facing a person, absolutely unique and incredibly close to all. Illan knows how to adapt to everyone’s level with great simplicity. You progress at an unexpected speed thanks to his caring attitude and the trust he transmits to all. What comes out of your body comes from you, but without him you may not have succeeded as fast and as easily.

I am confident that this new experience via DANCER'S WAYS will be an amazing adventure for all dancers (and even the neophytes): everyone will find a personalized gift.

Message from one of Illan’s students.