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Truly allow yourself the time you need to find yourself back, to simply listening yourself, dancing. Through this guided improvisation, you will slowly start a conversation with your inner-self, exteriorize those repressed feelings, let this conversation with your soul happen through your dance.
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Contents of the video:

Paths towards improvisation.
Develop consciousness of the gesture.
Maintain our authenticity.
Start a conversation with our soul.
Learn about and understand our actual and personal path.
Meet and use the pure gesture.
Use different ways of composing.
Create your own fundamentals and beliefs to serve your dance.
From research, to exploration and composition, the danced proposition.
Enter in contact with your energy to preserve the purity of your dance.

With this visualization, this guided improvisation, this journey… We will use the concepts already explored in the first transmission «Forms of Nature» as tools to open a breach to our soul, looking for the pure gesture.
How can you be present and available to receive the next movement at once? Let’s work on our great qualities as moving and sensitive beings.
This exploration approach will allow us to maintain information explored along the path between the elements of nature, and will serve as an exercise to integrate them, to interpret them, to use them as creation tools, and to awake our fundamental sensations to make your dance more personal, listening to yourself, respecting your body; developing new approach techniques, organic gestures… Let it be created a space-time momentum where your soul will be the guide.
Enjoy the travel.
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