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"Trees are professors who humbly follow the sun."

As the flow of energy in our bodies, in relation to our life experiences, their sap flows with the seasons.
Here I imagine the life of a tree, the birds that settle on the branches, the wind that caresses the leaves, the sun's heat cracking the bark...
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Contents of the video:

Concepts of Anchorage / Stability / Connection to the earth.
Body posture / alignment of the spine.
Nature, a source of inspirations.
New forms inspired by the trees.
The influence of the seasons on our body, our mind / the energy, like sap, in our dance.
Active meditation / Availability of the senses.
The inspiration or use of the trees and the forests in our contemporary artists.
Natural forms / natural art / the Land-Art and its creative approach.

Stability, anchoring the ground, the connection to the earth invites us to feel the flow of energy circulating in our bodies.
Our spine lengthens and accompanies the latter to follow a flexible axis to the surface of our outline, to finally seek the lines, curves and angles inspired by the shapes of the branches, in the space around us.
In this video, inspired by trees, the idea is to translate their shapes in our bodies, the circulation of their sap in our energy…Look like them, surprise ourselves and search for unusual movements, explore the seasons changes.

After a first viewing of this video and having taken notice of the theme "Trees", I encourage you to share your impressions, connections to the theme, your insights or sensations, in the private facebook comments.
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