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"I am inspired by these three states, that accompany the water in a constant hypnotic cycle..."

Have you ever paid a delicate attention to water?
Just felt its contact on your skin...
Its way into our bodies when we drink it...
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Contents of the video:

Crystallisation of the movement / memory of our emotions.
Liquid movement.
Evaporation of the movements / contact with the imaginary.
Concepts of: Changes / States of the body / Transitions.
Internal and external flow of the body.
When space becomes water.
Research on the water (Masaru Emoto).
Water, sensitive to vibrations of the body.
The different symbolisms of water.

In this video on the theme of water, a fundamental element for our planet and for our body, I simply inspire myself with its different states and transpose them to the body and movement. First, crystallization inspired me the stop of the gesture, the frozen moment in dance to gently melt into liquid, fluid and constant movement, go with the flow and eventually evaporate into the imagination and experience the thrill of the simple and vaporous movement. Constant and irregular cycle of dance.
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