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Let the winds of change touch your skin. Observe the birds: they follow the air currents in unison, the cold air spirals descending, the hot air spirals rising. They hover and drift along; they flap their wings against the direction of the winds. Harmony symbol of freedom. Receive, follow; give, decide.
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Contents of the video:

Simplicity / sensations of the movement.
Economy of the gesture.
Freedom in movement.
Make space exist through dance, change it.
Force and lightness of the body.
Concepts of falling and weightlessness.
Air on stage.
Breath and respiration at the service of movement.
Artistic experiences and installations / manipulation of the air.
Connection with our inner child.

Air is an essential element for our dance, for all styles, it enhances our movement, transforms our actions; It connects us to the outside world, circulates inside. A Tibetan proverb says that the winds carry our karmas. Take some altitude, gain amplitude, BREATHE your dance. Let yourself be taken by air currents and taste the sensation of free movement.
Connect to what already exists around you.
Allow yourself a moment to feel the caressing breezes, to resist the gusts, to foil the currents and develop the organic of your dance.
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Photo: Illan Rivière

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