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Our body as a network and a real moving map is comparable to anticyclones.
Remember the warmth of happiness and love, the sweet thrill of beauty, the chill of sadness, the lukewarmness of your neutrality, the sweat of anger...
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Contents of the video:

What is the Dynamosphere?
Make the atmosphere of our dance appear.
Develop our imagination, the sensations that result from it.
Feel the temperatures of our emotions.
Embody our dance.
The precision of authenticity.
The power of simplicity.

In this video, it is not only a question of isolating and highlighting a part of the body or of moving the continents with the awareness of your contour. Let the color of your feelings shine through; tell a story to the space around you, to yourself. Bring emotional quality to your movements. Stay alert, open, and available to feel and listen. Contemplate the anticyclones of your emotions.
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