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Look at yourself, look at each part of your body attentively.
Look at each zone, mobilise them one by one and rediscover each fragment as if it were the first time. Determine the state in which you are in that precise moment.
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Contents of the video:

Understand the body’s memory.
Work your precision.
Using isolations in different dance styles.
Give importance to a part of the body.
Movement one by one.
The hyper conscience of movement.
The gravitational organisation of the body, the pre-movement.
Explorations, isolation exercises, situated in a movement in space, with time constraints.
The movement, from close to far.

Let’s learn to isolate each part of the body, mobilise them one by one, in order to develop your technique, your precision. Give importance to the details. Know how to disappear behind a highlighted zone of your body. Work the hyper conscience of the gesture, the analysis, to locate and dissociate each articulation, each muscle, each bone, each tension, and identify the zones you need to work on, the neglected zones, and reactivate them through dancing. Movements one by one.
It’s into the intimacy of my body that I look.
Before extending these movements to the big spaces.
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