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Let’s map out the cartography of our body. We will learn to dance with more consciousness... knowing the limits of our bodies...
— Illan Rivière

Following the first transmission inspired by the forms of nature, contemplative and symbol of constant change, inexhaustible source of energy …, we slowly move away from these primary sensations to work on the hyper conscience of our body’s movement. After connecting to our presence, there are some geometrical and spatial notions, which will allow us to define new forms, locate zones and fragments of the bodies, become aware of and visualise our contours, the directions, plains and levels, feeling the temperature of our emotions, and move continents by dancing.

Fully conscious, knowing the extents and limits of our bodies, we will learn to define the state and space in which we will provide complementary elements, recognise and/or change the quality of our daily flow and learn about our physical/psychological blocks.

Let’s map out the cartography of our body and the anticyclones of our emotions to redefine the states we are in from a regular basis, and let’s go discovering new continents.