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# Omy + # Bodywave* + # Shoulder circle

*# Bodywave up= # Pelvis forward + # Bellyroll up + # Breast up
*# Bodywave down= # Breast wave + # Bellyroll down + # Pelvis back

In this video we will learn liquid movements by joining steps such as omy, bodywave* and shoulder circle, so that they appear to be one single movement in the eyes of the audience. We will see this movement’s technique in a very simple and easy way to understand. We can practice along with Alhazar while she talks us through it.

* bodywave:
The bodywave up is the union of the movements: pelvis forward, bellyroll up and breast up.
The bodywave down is the union of the movements: breast wave, bellyroll down and pelvis back.

Contents of the video:

Dig deeper into tribal fusion belly dance.
Learn tribal fusion belly dance technique with various steps and movements.
Hips, pelvis, belly, breast, torso and legs mobilisation.
Ensure this movement through pelvic floor and belly muscles contractions and relaxation.

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